Textile equipment: from the market gap to find space

At present, the textile industry has entered the annual production off-season, enterprise operating rate decreased significantly. A lot of textile machinery enterprises, from June began to feel the order to reduce, and experience the most profound changes in the equipment manufacturing enterprises.
Will look to overseas markets
With the enterprises of water and electricity, labor and other factors of production costs rising prices, the overall development of the textile industry there has been a slow situation.
Interviewed a lot of textile equipment manufacturers responsible person reflects the current poor sales of the underlying reason is that the downstream production capacity is not busy, lack of demand, resulting in lack of demand is still the bottleneck of the price of cotton and import and export prices of yarn upside down.
Whether textile enterprises or textile manufacturers are generally agreed that the current situation in the domestic textile industry is unlikely to change in the short term. In order to get rid of difficulties, many companies have the strength to look to the overseas market. At the same time, many foreign customers have also moved orders to Vietnam, Thailand and other countries and regions where labor costs are lower.
At the beginning of the month, Lutai Textile announced that it would invest US $ 2 million to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in the US, mainly engaged in market research, promotion of new products and maintenance of customer relationship.
In the current situation, Shaoxing County foreign trade enterprises have also actively changed the previous "sit back and wait" business model, take the initiative to take the latest intention of the larger merchants express the way to the merchants to win in time and service to win customers. At the same time, foreign trade companies also participated in all kinds of textile fabrics show, through the exhibition to understand the market situation, grasp the popular fashion, to ensure that foreign trade orders.
Textile enterprises doomed textile equipment can not be stricken, many textile enterprises and textile enterprises have the same feelings and ideas. For example, in the first half of this year, the total sales of Shanghai Far East Holder branch foreign trade export growth of 22%. Chongqing Golden Cat Chairman Yang Chongming told reporters that the first half of this year, the company cat exports accounted for 25% of sales revenue, export delivery value increased 12.76%.
Innovation is still the main theme of development
The more sluggish the market, the more companies fight the technical work force of the time. Chongqing Golden Cat Chairman Yang Chongming told reporters that under the current circumstances, in addition to innovation, the enterprise is no better way out of the woods. Liu Feng, Minister of Marketing, Qingdao Textile Machinery Company also expressed a similar view: "In a severe market economy situation, enterprises should make great efforts to foster independent innovation capability, targeted development of products and reduce homogenization Product competition, through a comprehensive upgrading of product technology, the core technology to capture the market.
Many in the industry believe that the situation in the domestic textile industry is still grim situation, the restructuring of textile enterprises will further deepen the transformation, to meet the textile enterprises to upgrade the product transformation, adapt to the intensive and automation needs, can effectively enhance the production efficiency of textile equipment Products will still have a better market prospects.
In order to reverse the general decline in the efficiency of textile enterprises, orders to reduce the situation, Shaanxi Changling Textile Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. by improving new product development, technological innovation efforts to improve the management of innovative production methods for online product quality problems, increase technological improvements ; At the same time will also strengthen the company's technical team echelon construction as the focus of the work to expand and scientific research institutes of technical cooperation efforts to enhance scientific and technological innovation ability to achieve key project breakthroughs in key technologies. Xue Dongquan, general manager of the company, said the company will focus on product R & D focus on cotton fiber tester, different fiber removal machine and from the network of electricity, air spinning and other aspects of electricity, the company will further strengthen the new product development process control, Further reducing product maturity.
In view of the extensive market demand for the heald frame industry, numerous manufacturing enterprises, fierce competition in the industry, easy product imitation, uneven grades and other issues, the Shanghai Far East Steel Wire Fabric Co., Ltd. Textile Weights Branch also strengthened the independent innovation work, High strength, low noise, the new structure of the frame as the company's new product development goals.
Differentiation to achieve adverse economic growth
Many textile equipment industry, business executives believe that the current textile machinery industry is facing major adjustments, large restructuring, large phase out of the situation over time, the polarization of the industry will become even more obvious, if companies want to compete To win, it should be more product differentiation efforts.
In order to meet the challenges, in recent years, Chongqing Golden Cat Company has invested more than 500 million yuan to increase the transformation of equipment, the use of alloy steel, bearing steel material production collar, a single tradition in the past, backward processing technology to achieve the production of the ring Process Reengineering. Especially since last year, the company launched a high-precision bearing steel ring, the use of new composite surface treatment technology to achieve the ring and the company BS (sapphire) ring supporting the use of. This new product has been as many high-end customers to gradually replace the imported products of choice. As a result of a number of key technical indicators to enhance the ring at high speed operation under the consistency, stability, reliability significantly improved, thereby significantly reducing the yarn breakage, hairiness, because this machine does not take the basic ring on maturity , So that the spinning efficiency can be greatly improved.
Yang Chongming told reporters: "The first half of this year's sales of these new rings to achieve a doubled sales, and pull the entire collar products to enhance the situation in the industry downturn, the company's ring sales growth rate reached on a year-on-year Of the 15%, of which the proportion of new collar from last year's 11%
To 23%, is expected in the second half will show a greater growth trend. "
Haimen Sands Garment Co., Ltd. General Manager Jiang Yaowu also expressed a similar point of view, he said, because the downstream cotton textile enterprises have not been signs of a fundamental turn for the better, so expect a rebound in cotton orders with the needle seems a bit unrealistic. At present, the company focused on R & D focus on non-woven with the cloth. He believes that with the environmental protection industry, the growth of demand for filter cloth, which is mainly used for the production of cloth clothing needs of the cloth should be increased significantly.