"Sewing robot" has entered the field of aircraft manufacturing

    Speaking of "Butterfly" sewing machine, the old Shanghai will not feel strange. Today, with nearly a hundred years of history, it is no longer satisfied with the processing of clothing and other traditional products, in the automotive, aerospace, environmental protection, high-speed rail, new energy and other emerging industries, can see its "new generation industrial machine" busy Of the figure. In this series of stunning changes behind, is always adhere to the open business ideas, hold high the leading technology, innovation and development of the banner of Zhang Min, leading Shanghai local old brand enterprises out of the woods, and one of the transnational mergers and acquisitions, the forefront of international operations .

    Struggling to cross - border mergers and acquisitions for survival

    In July 2004, Zhang Min was ordered to work at the time of Shenbei distress. At that time, the Shanghai light industry's old listed companies in foreign and private enterprises under the double attack, the sales revenue continued to decline, a sharp decline in market share, once the prestigious national brand "industrial" industrial sewing machines and "Butterfly" home sewing machine In the domestic industry rankings out of the top ten, in the main business of a serious loss of business crisis.

    Zhang Min decided to backfire, the implementation of cross-border mergers and acquisitions, in June 2005 acquired a 150-year history of the famous German sewing equipment manufacturer Duke Pu Eve Co., Ltd. (referred to as: DA). In Zhang Min's personal control, this years of loss-making German listed companies that year after the merger is profitable, DA company has become Europe's largest industrial sewing machine company.

    In 2013, Shanggong Shenbei have also acquired two German counterparts. Now Shanggong Shenbei has become the global industrial sewing equipment industry technology leader, the scale of production and sales ranks second in the world. In 2014, China Europe International Business School will work on the success of cross-border mergers and acquisitions written case (Case Study), Zhang Min has won the "2013 annual mechanical and electrical industry figures", "2014 Pudong annual economic figures" and "National Outstanding Entrepreneur" , China Sewing Machinery Industry "Meritorious Entrepreneur" title.

    As a multinational operation Shanggong Shenbei chairman and CEO, Zhang Min every day on the "two days of classes" - less than nine in the morning, Pudong New Century Century Boulevard 1500 Oriental headquarters of the company headquarters has seen his shadow; Zhang Min and dial the direct telephone to Europe ... ... Zhang Min said that since the start of multinational operations, he almost did not take a holiday. "Zhang Min said that since the start of multinational operations, he almost did not take a holiday.

    Tian Ji to achieve overtaking cornering

    From 2013 onwards, in order to further access to competitive resources, Shanggong Shenbei has acquired and shares of the Pak Fuk, KSL and Stoll (Stoll) and three German veteran sewing enterprises, and the depth of integration, excluding overlapping plate , So that several competing with each other for more than a century of old companies to form a joint force. Through this series of multinational business moves, Shanggong Shenbei technology level reached the world, formed including 3D sewing, robot sewing and other top research and development capabilities.

    In the fierce international market competition, Zhang Min and his team adopted a "Tian Ji" strategy to deal with the game DA's number one competitor, the automatic sewing unit, the thick material sewing machine and sewing machine three sewing equipment as On, in, dismount, won the competition of the three bureau two wins, making opponents in the global financial crisis for many years also difficult to get out of the trough. The acquisition of Pak Fuk and KSL company, the Shanghai Shenbei Group adopted a multi-brand marketing strategy. In his decision-making, market-oriented, with the times Shanggong Shenbei to achieve a "corner overtaking", is a big step forward towards the industrial 4.0 era.