The technology to wear on the body CES 3D print clothing and jewelry

There is no doubt that wearable technology is the absolute protagonist of this CES consumer electronics, technology companies have introduced new smart watches, sports bracelet, virtual reality equipment flourishing in the hope that consumers will become the next device. Not only that, we also see some of the 3D printing technology based on clothing, jewelry, jewelry, they have become increasingly sophisticated and beautiful, full of market potential.
3D printing company Windform to create this futuristic 3D print helmet, may be some avant-garde party dress.
3D Systems and fashion brand United Nude to launch a 3D print high heels, including a 8-inch high heels, a suspension for the non-follow, do not know how many female friends to control them.
3D printing has not only can be applied to plastic material. Francis Bitoni created this necklace with a 3D printing wax pattern and then pouring precious metal.
New York design firm Nooka uses nylon powder for 3D printing, making this seemingly very complex watch strap, 3D printing technology is clearly able to more easily create a variety of structures.
This costume is the famous reality show, "Project Runway" (Project Runway) 14th season winner Kelly Demsey's work, made by 3D printing, the perfect performance of the clothing structure.
3D printing makes it easier to customize the spectacle frame by taking pictures from the application and sending it to the customizer so that the manufacturer can make a beautiful and appropriate frame for the customer using a facial scanner.
Sculpteo company believes that the future of 3D printing apparel is not entirely the use of polymer material, but in the existing comfortable fabric to join some 3D printing elements, through the suture to create a sense of the future, while ensuring a comfortable feel.
More and more people like beautiful wearable equipment, which also attract fashion brands and technology companies, such as Swarovski and Misfit cooperation sports bracelet, has become a daily wear fashion items, while the advanced technology Features.