Modeclix introduced to wear 3D print apparel

Recently, the University of Hertfordshire launched a series of wearable 3D printing clothing, these clothes will be applied to daily life.
It is reported that this series of clothes will be in the school site and Modeclix do online display. These clothes are printed by the industrial-grade 3D printer EOS Formiga, the material is white nylon powder, print is complete, and then post-processing, and finally each of the printing part of the traditional way of connecting up the garment. The shape, size, and color of the clothes can be customized, and fine-tuning can be done after printing is complete. Therefore, the future large-scale use of this technology, the team members in the garment production process only need to do textile, sewing and weaving work can be. This series of clothes is characterized by the greatest comfort, no matter what kind of action to wear is very convenient and flexible, just like our usual clothes. It is reported that the series, including eight dresses and two headdresses, but fly in the ointment is that this production process takes a very long time, a costume production process takes about 62 hours. But compared to traditional hand, especially the high-set hand workshop, has reduced a lot of time.