Electronic cloth feeding full computer direct drive high speed lockstitch sewing machine


Electronic cloth feeding full computer direct drive high speed lockstitch sewing machine

High-speed Direct-drive Auto-needle-feed Lockstitch Sewing Machine (All In One Head, With Auto-thread Trimmer)

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Intuitive and simple color LCD touch screen The machine is equipped with a large color touch control panel, using a simple and easy to understand the icon, you can complete the intuitive operation. After a simple training can also make excellent sewing finished products, save labor costs.

Manual switch with multiple convenient functions The utility model is provided with a manual switch which can be operated by a variety of convenient functions, and each switch can set different functions on the touch screen.

The traditional model of the shear line of the head effect Cloth feeding device by using a new type of wire tension mechanism and electronics, and effectively reduce the accumulation phenomenon at the beginning of the sewing thread. At the same time, the shortest length of 3mm can be achieved after sewing.

The world's first axis direct drive electronic cloth feeding structure For the first time around the world to achieve the direction of the cloth feeding mechanism of the electronic, one button can change the trajectory of the cloth, it can effectively deal with a variety of fabric sewing.

Product model JIK-S760A-403P JIK-S760A-443P JIK-S760A-305P
Needle size
11-18# 11-18# 19-22#
Line number
1 1 1
stitch length(mm) 5 5 7
Foot height(mm) 6-13 6-13 6-13
Maximum speed(rpm) 4500 4500 3500
Automatic presser foot
Electronic wire clamp
Thin material

Medium and thick material
Thick material

Package size (mm) 690×230×490 690×230×490 690×230×490
Weight(kg) 41/43 41/43 41/43