Wuhan Textile University "can be more to the frame of the automatic screen printing device" won the China Patent Excellence Award

     Recently, from the State Intellectual Property Office published "on the 16th China Patent Award Award" was informed that the Wuhan Textile University School of Mechanical Engineering Professor Mei Shunqi the technical invention "can be more to the frame of the automatic screen printing device" Was awarded the China Patent Excellence Award.

     "Automatic screen printing device can be more to the frame" technology to break the traditional textile printing equipment technology concept, is a new type of textile automatic silk screen printing equipment, the core technology. This technology adopts multidirectional frame to improve the original frame, flower frame, multi-direction adjusting frame device, clamping device, lifting device and printing component by using high-tech. The flower frame is arranged in multi-direction frame Device, not only increased the accuracy of the box, but also can greatly improve the accuracy of flower and chromatography accuracy.

      In addition, the more bright spots is that the technology advocates only multi-directional lifting frame device and install the multi-directional frame device on the flower box, so no need to lift the entire printing components, greatly reducing the equipment Lifting the load, making the equipment more light and flexible lifting operation, not only shorten the process time, but also reduce the equipment, exercise load and power consumption, to solve the textile screen printing automation technology and equipment of a major technical difficulties, by many experts and scholars Praise.

     "At that time a lot of textile printing equipment on the market are mainly manual operation, even with non-manual equipment, its automation is also very low, according to our research, especially in Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang area, found Many of the printing machinery and equipment there are low production efficiency, wear and fast, noisy and other issues, can not meet the increasingly diverse needs of enterprises.In view of this market situation, we have several teachers in the school together to form a dedicated team, Is committed to developing a high degree of automation, the use of more convenient and flexible printing device. "Speaking of the first choice to study the technology, the team leader, Wuhan Textile University Institute of Mechanical Engineering Mei Shun Qi still vivid.

    After a long period of experimental research, in the repeated temper and debugging, the technology finally in 2008 successfully formed a patent. May Mei Shun Qi and his team is not too much immersed in the joy of patent application success. "Good scientific and technological achievements should serve the community", the school attaches great importance to scientific research work in a good atmosphere, they would like to strike while the iron will be the technical results of the early transformation into the market, better serve the community.

      With this desire, Mei Shun Qi with the team, constantly debugging, modification, modification, and then modify, in order to better open the market, he repeatedly stood in the "International Screen Printing Exhibition" report lectures, Site for many business representatives, experts and scholars demonstrate the use of the technology.
In this case,
      With the convenient operation and efficient production, the technology has been promoted, it quickly won the attention of many enterprises and pro-Lai, and a large textile equipment enterprises in Guangdong successful cooperation, the successful achievement of the transformation, resulting in a better society Economic benefits. At present the technology is also updated to the third generation models, is put into the market. Many experts in the field of industry are also optimistic about this technology in the future broad prospects for the application.

      It is reported that, as China's most authoritative "national patent awards," China's Patent Award is the State Intellectual Property Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization jointly launched a patented invention and creation of special awards to government departments. The patented technology must be innovative, high technology level, and transformation ability, application efficiency, promotion of high, to promote the corresponding field of technological progress and process innovation has made outstanding contributions, and achieved greater economic and social Effectiveness of the project. The Hubei Province, a total of 12 technical invention award.