Taiwan Textile published (LumiLong luminescent fiber) surprise experience

      Remember the childhood summer night, near the dark grass in the home and found the moment that the firefly flashing touched it?
Or winter night, the nest in the bed rolled up a thick quilts, buried in the dark looking at the palms in the luminous toys shiny surprise?
In response to these touches and surprises, Taiwan Textile Industry Research Institute (referred to as the Institute of Textile) in January 20, 2016 published a shiny textiles stunning experience battalion.
Textile said that after seven years of research and development of the success of Lumi Long luminescent fiber, creating the "light to wear on the body" and aesthetics of science and technology, through the exclusive innovation of patented technology, the luminescent material wrapped in a fine fiber , No power, only sunlight or fluorescent light that is able to shine in the dark light, a safe non-toxic, fiber-specific skin-friendly, washable and energy-saving advantages, can be used in clothing accessories, hats, scarves, underwear, socks , Slippers and other light-emitting textiles, so that people experience into the dark moment of moving, through the Lumi Long luminescent fiber Gengrang Taiwan's next generation of textiles also shine.
"There has always been an inexplicable fear of darkness, and the development of this light makes the light appear in the dark, it is particularly surprising and moving."
Today, darkness seems to be driving the bright light, to create a beautiful moment of moving experience "...