China Anhui (Suzhou) International Exhibition of leather and shoes machine Shoes

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Suzhou modern shoe industry city
Suzhou City People's Government Suzhou City Economic and Technological Development Zone Administrative Committee of China Footwear Association Suzhou modern footwear industry city

China Anhui (Suzhou) International Exhibition of leather and shoes machine Shoes
Date of activity: 2016-09-20--2016-09-22
Venue: Suzhou modern shoe industry city
Sponsor: Suzhou Municipal People's Government Suzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Administrative Committee of China Footwear Association Suzhou modern footwear industry city
Contact: Xing Guanjun
Tel: 13240190777
Fax: 010-83487896
E-mail: xingguanjun@163.com
Website: www.szxjzexpo.com
       People's Government of Suzhou Municipality
       Suzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Administrative Committee
       China Footwear Association
       Suzhou modern shoe industry city

       China Light Industry Association
       China Leather Industry Association
       Taiwan Footwear Association
       Footwear Association of Anhui Province
       Fujian Shoe Machine Chamber of Commerce
       Wenzhou shoe machine Chamber of Commerce

       Beijing Jingang International Exhibition Co., Ltd

      【market expectation】

       For the footwear industry, today's Anhui has undoubtedly provide an opportune and an excellent opportunity for development, the central strategy of the implementation of the central region, the introduction of preferential policies to support the central region with a new round of industrial transfer the best opportunity, with superior Location and traffic advantages and labor resources advantages, Suzhou City, aimed at large-scale industrial, market space, a strong dependence on labor resources, footwear industry, highlighting the chain of investment, precision investment, the overall high to undertake transfer, has attracted the world's No. Two footwear giant "Belle" and the East Arts, Cornell, Erke and other well-known shoe enterprises settled in the home to achieve the introduction of a leading, driven by a number of enterprises, gathering the good effect of an industry. The city's best use of the footwear industry as the city's first degree of industry, planning a total area of 50 square kilometers of "China's modern shoe industry city", and soon formed China's three shoe Wenzhou, Quanzhou, Guangzhou, "three State destination "trend. At present, the shoe city of 10 square kilometers has been initially completed, the cumulative signing of the agreement into the area 98, the agreement to attract 28.1 billion yuan, driving more than 50,000 jobs. After the completion of the project, can achieve annual sales income of 50 billion yuan, profits and taxes 5 billion yuan, to absorb 200,000 jobs. According to the person in charge of shoe city, last year, the output value of shoe city nearly 40 billion yuan, tax 360 million yuan, is expected this year to achieve the output value of nearly 70 billion yuan, tax 600 million yuan. Shoe industry has become the transformation and development of Suzhou City, Xing City, enriching the people of the new economic growth is to create a very set manufacturing, trade logistics, research and innovation, education and training, MICE five in one of the domestic first-class modern shoe industry city, This is a golden opportunity to promote the strong rise of Anhui Suzhou footwear industry, in this will be held in Anhui 2016 China (Suzhou) International Exhibition of leather and shoe shoe machine, but also to the whole country and the world of shoes, shoes Materials and leather raw materials such as footwear suppliers to bring a new large market.

      【Visiting & Purchasing】

       The Organizing Committee will formulate the organization route before the exhibition, will go to Zhejiang Wenzhou, Wenling; Guangdong Province shoe factory, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, Shishi City and other places, using personal door way, the exhibition invitations, Issued to the hands of shoe factories to ensure that the audience's professional, but also to ensure that exhibitors a worthwhile trip.

      【If you are the following product suppliers, please reserve booths】

       Leather processing equipment, luggage machinery, laser equipment, cutting equipment, ultrasonic equipment, computer-aided production equipment and shoe-making production line, logistics services, shoe-making machinery, Enterprise information management system, information services and magazines;

       Shoe materials, rubber products, hardware accessories, accessories, CAD / CAM, and so on;

       Leather, synthetic leather Area: leather, synthetic leather, upper leather, PU leather, garment leather, PVC artificial leather, sofa leather, leather bags, chemical raw materials;

      【Invite co-sponsor】 A comprehensive exhibition of publicity solutions

       For details, please contact the Organizational Unit for details.

      【Booth fee and related expenses】

       ◆ Standard booth (3M × 3M)

       Domestic enterprises: RMB 6800 yuan / month, foreign enterprises: USD1500 / (double opening plus 20%)

       Booth equipped with: two light tubes, a wastebasket, display panels, fascia board, a table and two chairs, lighting, security, cleaning, publicity and so on.

       ◆ clearance to (36 ㎡)

       Domestic enterprises: RMB 680 yuan / ㎡, foreign enterprises: USD 150 yuan / ㎡

       ◆ Technical Seminars

       Domestic enterprises: RMB 6800 yuan / 60 minutes

       Organizer is responsible for arranging the venue, tables and chairs, lamps and sound, to help organize business audience speaker.

      【Catalog and Exhibition Advertising】

       ◆ Promotion ---- exhibition is to participate in exhibition products and image display the most perfect combination. Is for visitors to the most direct communication professionals.

       ◆ will help you find the customer after the show! In addition to the exhibition during the exhibition is widely distributed to the professional audience, but also through the exhibition of professional visitors to the database can not be sent to the professionals around the exhibition, they can use the Bulletin to quickly find contact methods and services. (The specification of the book is 210MM × 140MM, the advertising fee will be paid in advance in one lump; for some reason, the exhibitors can not choose the exhibitor and can choose the advertisement of the exhibition catalog and exhibition.) Note: The color advertisement please provide the design electronic design draft .
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