Mode China 2016 Industry Show

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Hangzhou International Expo Center
Ministry of Commerce of the People 's Republic of China Hangzhou Municipal People's Government
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       Exhibition time: 2016.10.14-16
       Venue: Hangzhou International Expo Center
       Sponsor: Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China Hangzhou Municipal People's Government
       Sponsor: China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce Hangzhou Economic and Information Technology Commission
       Planning unit: Miao Lante International Exhibition (831822) Hangzhou Silk Women Exhibition Co., Ltd.

       This year, the "all the way along the" strategic concept has once again been elevated to a new height, has been all aspects of support and recognition, infrastructure construction in full swing in the same time, "Silk" this ancient Chinese symbols and synonyms, A brilliant dazzling, with the strategic concept of the textile industry in the proportion of foreign trade increased, the voice of Chinese silk to go out more and more intense.

       Since its inception in 2000, the Fair has been held for 16 consecutive years and is an important event in the silk industry in China and the world. In order to expand the scale and influence of the Fair, the exhibition will continue to enhance its connotation and quality every year. The Silk Culture will continue to be proclaimed to the world and the silk products will keep pace with the times.

       2016 Fair to science and technology, fashion as the guide, to innovation and development, professionalism for the purpose of the exhibition, to internationalization, fashion, wisdom as the main features, "refinement, seeking expertise, seeking characteristics, and seeking influence" Silk women's enterprises in the wisdom of manufacturing, marketing wisdom, fashion trends, humanities and other aspects of the content, and strive to build silk and women's industry research and development, communication, display, trade, publishing platform. Focus on internationalization, fashion and wisdom, combined with the wisdom of the city of Hangzhou, the traditional way of exhibitions and information technology integration, information and economic advantages to play, deepen the Internet thinking, highlight the "Internet +" concept, relying on modern information technology B2C, B2M all-mode exposition, to help silk enterprises to achieve "small industry, big market" with the country along the way the overall development strategy, to promote the development of cross-border business, The Fair will be opened to the area along the road and the BRIC countries, playing a series of global exhibition, to promote Chinese silk and women's enterprises to expand foreign markets.

       2016 The function of the Fair is to bridge the gap between fabric and design, to bridge the design and manufacture of finished products, to bridge the market for finished products and silk applications, to promote innovative silk fabrics, to promote the design and application of silk garments, and to promote Wisdom in the manufacture of silk, women's industrial applications, to promote silk and fashion industry international exchanges and cooperation, so as to promote the development of the entire industry. Compared with previous years, this Fair will have the following highlights and features:

       (A) the world's silk Fair, Silk's event.

       Silk Fair is the silk industry information interaction, technical exchanges, communication and cooperation, an important platform for trade negotiations, silk is the annual event. In addition to this year's Fair will be held in Hangzhou, Poland, Turkey, South Africa, Jordan, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Dubai, India and other countries to launch a global series of nine exhibitions to achieve "10 linkage" "Not only is China's" silk Fair "is the world's" silk Fair. "

       (B) Mode China fashion Hangzhou

       This year's Fair will show the focus on the fashion trend, the combination of the Millennium Silk and the current fashion will greatly enhance the exhibition character, combined with Hangzhou to create fashion city overall policy, this year the project will be heavy launch "Mode China" series of activities, including the invitation Domestic and foreign well-known designers and women's brand on-site catwalk, and in the show around the set "Show Room" to facilitate buyers to negotiate, procurement, fashion Party, and I through the integration of resources, a number of activities and " Including the design of the Chinese national costume design competition The 20th "China Cup" international dress and women's design competition, to promote the four seasons silk innovative design of the Silk Innovative Fabric Competition and enhance the international silk voice "2017 spring and summer silk Fashion trends release ", and reflect the Chinese elements of the" Golden Fuchun Cup Chinese wedding dress creative contest "and other activities will be in the" Mode China "took turns during the period, so that the focus of Hangzhou, the world fashion.

       (C) Forum, leading the industry direction

       2016 Silk Fair will be supplemented by the Forum, the 2015 China International Silk Forum will be "Silk and fashion" as the theme, the new introduction of "Internet + Silk" hot concept, there will be 100 global silk industry executives, related associations, experts, To discuss the future development of the industry in the form of a new direction, conspiracy to promote the development of international silk trade, cultivate silk fashion brand, and guide the consumption of silk and other aspects of countermeasures to explore the world's silk industry, cooperation in the way of cooperation, , Integration of industry resources, the establishment of industry status, leading industry development.

       (D) online and offline linkage, bringing a new O2O experience

       Internet Fair + infiltration of thinking, e-commerce is nowadays popular trend, during the 2015 Fair, for the realization of silk industry, e-commerce breakthrough, the exhibition will be set up e-store, Internet sellers and buyers in this transaction, our company Will be invited to Taobao, pat network, eBay, Joyo, Dangdang, Jingdong and other large shopping sites to the exhibition set up exhibition, on the one hand introduce their own web site advantages to guide the transformation of small and medium-sized silk enterprises to open up new markets, On the other hand, the exhibitors to visit, select the company to join the site, so that e-commerce help silk Fair, Fair for the O2O e-commerce practice to bring new ideas. In addition, the Internet + is a hot topic in 2015, Fair will be held through the Internet Digital Fair, online online browsing form, to achieve "visiting a show, the phone to see a show" double silk Fair form, to achieve a breakthrough network exhibition.

       (E) the wisdom of manufacturing, so that silk womens plug in the wings of wisdom

       Will be in this exhibition to open the wisdom of the manufacturing experience area, invited to walk in the forefront of intelligent manufacturing field leading enterprises on-site presentation, on-site to explain the wisdom of manufacturing industry to traditional industries brought about by the change and unlimited imagination, leading enterprises through the lead Demonstration, to attract more traditional silk women's enterprises to carry out intelligent transformation, so as to promote the wisdom of manufacturing in the silk women's industry applications.

       At the same time, the British designer platform TOPBUYER, Italian Silk Association, the French Fashion Association, the South Korean fashion agencies and the United States, Japan and South Korea, the United States and the United States, Thailand Silk, Taiwan Textile Extension and other countries and regions will visit the exhibition group, the exhibition area will exceed 20%. During the exhibition, domestic and foreign department store procurement enterprises and silk, women, import and export trade and garment manufacturers representatives will be invited to participate, is expected to have foreign customers and more than 1,000 domestic business professionals more than 20,000 people to participate in the exhibition.

       Silk Fair is an important exhibition platform, trade platform and propaganda platform for silk women's wear industry. The successful hosting and trading volume of previous Fair, and the year-on-year increase of exhibitors indicate that this Fair will bring us new Surprise, and let us wait and see.

       Booth area division

       1. Silk products 1.1 Garments 1.2 Silk

       2. Silk fabric

       3. raw silk raw materials

       4. Women 4.1 Evening 4.2 Fashion 4.3 Casual 4.4 Advanced customization

       5. Fashion Jewelry 5.1 Jewelry 5.2 Shoes / Hat

       6. Designer 6.1 Studio 6.2 Design organization

       7. Media Information Area 7.1 E-Commerce 7.2 Professional Newspaper

       Booth Booking

       Standard booth (3m × 3m = 9 ㎡ 15,000 yuan / month)

       Media to promote a strong, covering professional media, fashion media, the mass media
       China Silk Fair activities constitute China International Women's Fair activities constitute

       1. Four Seasons Silk Fabric Release and Grand Prix

       2. The 7th International Silk Forum

       China Cup International Silk Dress and Womenswear Design Contest

       4. China's high-end silk products release and

       Hangzhou Fashion Weekend Events

       5. Exhibition display

       6. Experience Zone

       7. International Women's Fabric Trends Release

       8. Domestic and foreign designers SHOWROOM

       9. Women brand fashion show

       10. International Women's Wear Exhibition
In this case,
       11. High-end customization area

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