Jiake meet with you China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition (CISMA2015)

2015.9.23--9.26 Zhejiang Jiake Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. Meet with you China International Sewing Machine Exhibition (CISMA 2015) Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center, Jiake Sewing Machine Exhibition Number: W1-F61
Exhibition Introduction:
CISMA is the largest professional sewing machine exhibition in the world. The exhibits include sewing machines, sewing machines, sewing machines, CAD / CAM design systems and accessories. The entire chain of clothing. The show with large-scale, quality service and strong business radiation won the praise of exhibitors and the audience.

    CISMA is a window to showcase new products, is connected to the upstream and downstream industrial chain of the bridge. CISMA is attracting international brands have appeared, Dokop, Pak Fuk, heavy machine, brother, Pegasus, Yamato, Lectra, Gerber, Oshima, Qixiang, Gao Lin, Sunstar, Mai, Wei Czech Republic, Tajima, BEHRINGER and other brands on display a variety of new products, new technologies, new ideas. China's standards, Shanggong Shenbei, Jia grams of sewing machines, in the Czech Republic, Jack, precious stones, Huigong three plants, Dahao, Visa, and Eagle, the soldiers optoelectronics and other key enterprises competing with international brands, System equipment industry a beautiful landscape. A large number of electronic control direct-drive sewing machines, oil-free sewing machines, multi-functional composite embroidery machines, high-end cutting and ironing equipment, automated processing unit and other high-tech, high value-added products after another. Equipment manufacturing technology upgrade will improve garment enterprises in product design, process reengineering, pipelining and other key links have a significant impact.

    CISMA will debut in September 2013 at Shanghai New International Expo Center. In the Chinese garment and sewing equipment industry are in a crucial stage of transition to upgrade, CISMA2013 dedication, will represent the direction of the development of more efficient clothing equipment, energy saving, environmental protection, intelligent cutting-edge technology, will contribute to the promotion of garment industry power. Gorgeous turn is the dream of every business, we look forward to working with you, the dream come true.