Ultrasonic sewing machine characteristics

      Ultrasonic Sewing Machine: It is an efficient stitching and embossing equipment. It is mainly used in the seam side of the synthetic fiber cloth, welding, cutting, embossing, processing products with good watertightness, high production efficiency, without sewing accessories, smooth surface without burr, feel good. Do not hurt the fabric edge, to avoid the edge; flowers lose replacement so that, according to the customer need to replace all kinds of round flowers; manufacturing does not require preheating, and can continue operation by side; can be packed side of paper, Gold foil, pressure without preheating, and can continue operation; soup gold function; can be more than a special machine, in order to complete a wide range of relatively large products, such as cover hood, umbrella, etc., special alloy material Silk into flowers (welding head), welding head wear and long life. Mechanical operation is simple, easy maintenance, the use of 20KHZKZ low-noise ultrasound, anti-noise dry excellent.
Ultrasonic Sewing Machine: Applicable Products: Embossing, Pressing, Pressing, Pressing, Air-condition Filter, Automobile Air-Conditioner Filter, Medical Blanket, Electric Blanket, Medical Pad, Medical Disposable Mattress, Urine Pad, Filter Cotton Cloth, cloth, polyester fabric, polyester fabric, chemical fiber blended fabric, non-woven fabric, acupuncture cloth, leather, glasses cloth, glasses bag, hot pack eye pack, environmental bag, carbon bag, tea bag, medicine bag. Tablecloth, tablecloth, curtain lace, underwear lace, coaster, decorations, masks, electric blankets, filter bags and so on.
Ultrasonic Sewing Machine Function
(1) the use of ultrasonic heating and special steel wheel pressure can be obtained after the use of such functions.
(2) processing does not smoke, sparks, do not harm the edge of cloth, but also to avoid flash.
(3) flower wheel replacement is simple, according to customer needs to replace all kinds of graphics flower wheel.
(4) manufacturing without preheating, and continuous operation.
(5) can be installed color paper, gold foil, press up to India, bronzing function.
(6) can be combined into a special machine, in order to complete the width of the larger products, such as quilt, umbrella and so on.
(7) made of special alloy steel flower wheel, welding head and wear-resistant and long life.
(8) mechanical operation is simple, easy maintenance, the use of 20KHZ low-noise ultrasound, anti-noise interference.