Full automatic computer direct drive high speed lockstitch sewing machine


Full automatic computer direct drive high speed lockstitch sewing machine

Market Reference Price:¥ 88000.00


The new appearance, use, operation more convenient Re designed the appearance and structure, the new appearance of color is more concise, more ergonomic ergonomic. This product patent number: 201530010662.2

Automatic operation is simple, improve work efficiency This machine has automatic fill needle, automatic thread trimmer, automatic rewind sewing function. The machine head is equipped with embedded double switch device, to achieve quick and automatic reverse sewing needle repair. Equipped with double row new LED lamp, the same color line, material sewing more clearly visible.

High performance round knife device, can cut more thick line The use of round knife design of wire cutting device, can be a variety of types of lines for a stable tangent, thick material sewing easier.

Accurate wire passing mechanism and simple winding device Can accurately adjust the tightness of the line, regardless of thickness, all kinds of sutures can be very good adaptation. Vertical winding device and the top of the fuselage, winding more convenient, more concise appearance.

Product model
JIK-ChuangliMD3 JIK-ChuangliMD3-B JIK-ChuangliMD3-H
Needle size
11-18# 11-18# 18-21#
Line number
1 1 1
stitch length(mm) 5 5 5
Foot height (mm) 5-13 5-13 5-13
Maximum speed(rpm) 4000 4000 3500
Automatic presser foot
Electronic wire clamp
Thin material

Medium and thick material

Thick material

Package size (mm) 630×245×550 630×245×550 630×245×550
Weight(kg) 36/42.5 36/42.5 36/42.5