Four automatic computer direct drive high speed lockstitch sewing machine


Four automatic computer direct drive high speed lockstitch sewing machine

Market Reference Price:¥ 88000.00


Plug in design, use, operation more convenient The board is easy to install and disassemble, only need to deal with 4 screws. Electronic control automatic diagnosis and detection, effectively reduce the system temperature rise, improve equipment life.

Automatic operation is simple, improve work efficiency This machine is equipped with automatic electronic wire clamping device, machine head embedded dual switch device, to achieve quick and automatic thread trimmer, automatic needle feeding and automatic reverse sewing. Equipped with double row new LED lamp, the same color line, material sewing more clearly visible.

Built in automatic presser foot, easy and efficient experience This machine is equipped with automatic presser foot (built-in) function, remove the knee on, the noise is decreased by 30%, the labor intensity is reduced by 50%, workers no longer overworked, easy to increase the income of 500 yuan; the boss is no longer worry about recruitment, to improve the efficiency of at least 20%.

Low tension sewing, thin, thick material as beautiful and stable The improved feeding mechanism can effectively reduce the abnormal sound generated by the back seam and restrain the noise to the maximum extent. The adjusting range of the cloth feeding teeth is increased, the utility model is flexible to deal with various fabrics, and the utility model does not wrinkle and dislocation when sewing.

Product model
JIK-ChuangliD4 JIK-ChuangliD4-B JIK-ChuangliD4-H
Needle size
11-18# 11-18# 18-21#
Line number
1 1 1
stitch length(mm) 5 5 5
Foot height (mm) 5-13 5-13 5-13
Maximum speed (rpm) 4000 4000 3500
Automatic presser foot
Electronic wire clamp
Thin material

Medium and thick material

Thick material

Package size(mm) 630×245×550 630×245×550 630×245×550
Weight(kg) 36/42.5 36/42.5 36/42.5